7 reasons why you shouldn't consider me for your custom jewelry

  reasons why not custom jewelry


You might think it’s weird that I am telling you why you shouldn’t consider me for your custom jewelry, but please bear with me.

I love making jewelry, whether I am creating it for my brand or creating it for a customer. What I love most is seeing or reading a customer’s feedback after they receive the final piece. It makes my heart burst with joy for contributing to my customer’s happiness and making a difference in their life.

However, I am not a “one-size-fits-all” type of jewelry designer.

The truth is there are people that I am a perfect fit for and those I am not. When I work with the right people, it helps me create my very best work, which in turn creates the best jewelry for my customer.

So if you’re considering contacting me to further customize a LALOU piece that you love or to create a custom jewelry piece from scratch, here are some reasons for you to put a line through my name.

Here’s a quick snapshot of why I may not be the right jewelry designer for you.
I am not the right fit if,

1. You’re in a hurry.
2. You don’t have the budget.
3. Communication is not your strong point.
4. You don’t know what you want.
5. You don’t trust me.
6. You want a replica of another brand’s jewelry design.
7. You’re more than one person and not a couple.


1. I am not the right fit if you’re in a hurry

Not all custom projects are created equally, but generally speaking creating custom jewelry takes time.

There are two different types of custom projects: those based on LALOU original designs and those that are more bespoke and created totally from scratch.

Gemstone sourcing: If you’re loving one of my designs and looking to make it your own with a different gemstone, sourcing the perfect gemstone for you can take time. Not all gemstones are readily available at my supplier’s. Most times, they need to be sourced abroad and/or custom cut in the country where that specific gemstone is mined before being dispatched to Montreal. 

Design: If you’re looking for a totally custom piece where we design something together from scratch, the process can be lengthy. The length of the process mainly depends on the complexity of the piece, to which more time will be needed for gemstone sourcing, if applicable.

Production typically takes between 2-4 weeks depending on the jewelry piece itself, the availability of my artisans and time of the year (the months leading up to the holidays up until mid-February are the busiest of the year, so production can be delayed)

All of this to say, if you want to work with me on a custom jewelry piece, expect it to take some time.


2. I’m not the right fit if you don’t have the budget. 

Quality is the most important aspect for any piece of jewelry that bears the LALOU name on it.
I work hard to make sure every piece I present out there is a direct reflection of my jewelry standards. (And yes, they are quite high).

To reach the level of quality that I strive for, there are about 8 (sometimes more) people involved in my jewelry making process. Each one, a master at his/her craft with decades of experience, outstanding skills and craftsmanship. Without them, the result would be mediocre at best: jewelry that breaks, gemstones that fall off, uneven gold, poor quality gemstones and so on.

I work with the best, to give my customers the best. And… “best” has a price tag. There’s really no way around it.

My prices reflect cost of the design, gemstone price (when applicable) and all aspects of production.

For complete custom work (bespoke/from scratch), prices start at CAD$ 1,200 up to “sky is the limit”. For custom work based on a LALOU design, generally speaking, prices start at the price stated on my website.

I am quite affordable compared to most of my competitors, but if my prices aren’t within your budget, I am probably not the best fit for you. 


3. I am not the right fit if communication is not your strong point.

Good and effective communication is key to not only create a piece of jewelry that you will love forever, which is exactly what I want for you, but also to ensure a smooth custom jewelry process throughout.

During the design process, I need you to dedicate some time to me so I can get all the information to create your dream jewelry piece. This is the time where, if you have questions, doubts, requests, or changes you want me to make, I want you to communicate them to me. 

But, if you’re the type of person who wants to skip the zoom calls, or the type of person who takes more than 3-4 days to reply to my emails…. Or even the opposite, if you’re sending me way too many emails with conflicting thoughts and ideas… it’s definitely not going to work out.


4. I am not the right fit if you don’t know what you want.

This should be a no-brainer, but, if you don’t know what you want, chances are I won’t know what you want either.

Whatever type of custom project we’re working on, you need to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and communicate it to me. It will make the experience of creating your dream piece so much more agreeable (for both of us)

If this is you, please come back to me when you have a better idea of what you’re looking for.


5. I am not the right fit if you don’t trust me.

There’s a minimum of trust that I expect when you reach out to me. You’ve seen my work, you’ve read testimonials, you’ve talked to me, you’ve gone through my blogs and read all the relevant information on my website or social media and you’re ready to take the plunge. Great! I love that.

Now, I know it’s daunting to invest your hard-earned money into the “unknown”. Which is why I keep an ongoing communication with you during our journey together to give you peace of mind every step of the way. 

However, if you cannot trust that I will create outstanding work and if you cannot trust my skills or those of my artisans, then I am not a good fit for you.


6. I am not the right fit if you want a replica of another brand’s jewelry design.

This is not something I condone and I absolutely will not work with anyone who wants me to replicate someone else’s work.

What I mean by a replica is this: any design that is aesthetically recognizable as pertaining to a particular (known) brand.

Jewelry designers invest a lot of time, effort and resources to refine their craft and create beautiful and unique jewelry. Me included.

So, skip the replica, and buy the original.


7. I am not the right fit if you’re more than one person and not a couple.

Working one-on-one with couples, is an enjoyable scenario for me.

When you’re a couple, generally speaking, both of you are on the same page in regards to design, choosing gemstones etc., so the experience is always gratifying.

However, working with two (or more) people that are not a couple can prove itself to be arduous. Having different tastes and/or ideas that do not match can make the communication and experience difficult on both ends.

Therefore I often turn down projects that involve: a mother-daughter duo, a sisters duo, a friends duo etc.

If you’re in one of those categories: Try to have one person who will act as the contact and liaise with me through the process. 


To conclude,

If you’ve read this far and still haven’t put a line through my name yet, then perhaps we’re a good fit! You can get in touch by email here, or book a free consultation with me here – I’d LOVE to hear from you!

PS: As of March 2022, bespoke orders are discontinued.
This was not an easy decision for me to make. In order for me to continue serving you with high quality and beautiful jewelry, bespoke orders are taking a back seat for the time being.
However, I am and will continue to take custom orders that aim to customize an original LALOU Jewelry piece
Thank you for your understanding.

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