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5 jewelry pieces that will never go out of style

We have been in limbo for two years because of the pandemic, and while most (if not all) clothes, shoes and bags have gone out of style, jewelry did not.

Most people (me included) don’t buy jewelry every day. Personal jewelry collections grow slowly over time, which is why when you buy a piece of jewelry, you expect it to last for years.

This is exactly what makes jewelry an investment: timelessness = jewelry that will look good, feel good and trendy year after year.

Here are a few must-have jewelry pieces that will never go out of style.

1. Gold hoops

Who ever said that hoops are “IN” right now, never realized that they were never “OUT” to begin with. Gold Hoops are timeless and the perfect accessory to enhance your natural beauty.
They are guaranteed to make an impact with a little black dress or with a casual white t-shirt and jeans.

GOLD HOOPS Gold hoops

2. Colourful Gemstones

For those who are into all-neutral outfits, a colourful gemstone will always add a bit of dimension to your style. Think black dress with a gorgeous sapphire or a stunning tourmaline.
This combo will look stunning today, tomorrow, and in 10 years!

Green tourmaline ring green tourmaline ring 


3. Chains

Whether delicate or chunky, chain necklaces have been dominating in popularity over the past few years and are here to stay.  Whether you’re into the stacking game or not, a gold chain will always elevate your outfit to the next level and add a bit of class and femininity.

chain gold gold chain


4. Evil Eye

Evil Eye jewelry has been a major trend in the past decade, but its current trend status can’t take away from its timeless nature. Delicate and elegant, this protection amulet is a classic and a must have in my book.

evil eye evil eye 


5. Studs & Ear Jackets

Last but not least, regardless of the occasion, studs and ear jackets give an elegant vibe for the minimalist at heart. They’re simple and dainty, which makes them timeless. They go with everything and they add this easy and effortless touch of sparkle. In my opinion they’re the best kind of earrings ever!

Ear jacket in style  5 jewelry pieces that will never go out of style