How to care for your Jewelry




  • Avoid perfumes, lotions, chemicals and hand sanitizer. These will dull the sparkle of your jewelry and can loosen your ring setting over time.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry at the gym. Jewelry can get seriously damaged if you bang it against gym equipment.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry at the swimming pool and at the beach. Chlorine can discolour the metals and salt in the ocean is extremely corrosive to gold and rose gold.
  • Remove before showering. Oily soaps can dull the finish of your diamonds and exfoliating soaps will scratch them.
  • Remove jewelry before cooking. Germs and bacteria can easily get lodged in your ring settings.
  • Remove jewelry before (house) cleaning. The harsh chemicals in many common household cleanrers can alter the colour of your jewelry and do serious damage to diamonds and other stones.


I put together a quick guide for you to access this information at anytime.
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