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Everything you need to know about the Alpha earring back


There are a few earring back types on the market. The most popular one is the “Butterfly”, which is what most jewellers use. 

The Alpha earring back is another type. It has a spring mechanism. When you “squeeze” the button, the “doors” open, allowing the earring post to go in. Once you release the button, the “doors” close on the post. 

Compared to the popular Butterfly, which can become loose over time, the Alpha is more secure. I’ve heard so many times about people losing their earrings and so it’s important for me to provide you with some kind of earring security, specially when you’re investing in valuable pieces.

Even though the Alpha earring back is slightly more expensive than the Butterfly, and slightly more tedious to maneuver, it’s the earring back type that I’ve chosen to secure all the LALOU earring pieces that you love so that you can cherish them forever and more. 

Here are some of the earrings (including the ear jacket, also known as the best earring ever!) available on my website that are secure with the Alpha earring back.