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Why the Ear Jacket is the best earring ever!


Winter is in full force right now, and with the fluffy and chunky sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves, beanies and all other winter accessories, wearing earrings can prove to be quite the challenge. 

I personally avoid big hoops and dangling earrings as much as I can during the winter months and instead opt for ear jackets to make my outfit more extraordinary and modern, as my ears are pretty much the only body part not completely covered by layers of clothing.

But regardless of the season, ear jackets are the most fun jewelry ever and best earring ever.

An ear jacket is a type of earring, usually made out of 3 pieces: one piece that goes in front of your ear love, one piece that goes behind your ear lobe (aka “the jacket”) and the earring post.

What makes an ear jacket so fun? It’s so versatile that with just one ear jacket, you can create styles that go from timeless to edgy instantly. Take the Emerald Ear Jacket, for example. For a classic look, wear the stud alone. For a more trendy look, wear the stud with the jacket.

Ear jackets really embellish your ear in a beautiful way. The super fun thing is that you can really adapt the ear jacket to your own style. To be different, you can also mix and match any stud earrings you already own with different ear jackets. You really have endless possibilities.

ear jacket versatile mix and matchDo you love the versatility of ear jackets? If yes, hop on the trend