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Can gemstones be perfect?

All natural gemstones are formed in nature, and nature is rarely perfect. It is expected that natural gemstones have some degree of imperfection. These imperfections can be external or internal. ⁠

External flaws are scratches, blemishes or chips on a gemstone.
Internal flaws are called inclusions, which are often find in gemstones. Each gemstone will have its own unique internal structure, which is why no two gemstones are alike. ⁠

Think of gemstones as human beings, like you and me. We all have our own set of imperfections, right? ⁠In gemstones, it's the same. Inclusions are not "bad", and do not make the gemstones "faulty". They are litte miracles created by nature, and just like you and me, it is their imperfections that make them what they are.

So, while there are no perfect gemstones, there will be a perfect gemstone for you: the one that sparks an emotion or a feeling; just like a "coup de foudre" between two people.⁠