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How long will it take me to make your jewelry?

Getting a new piece of jewelry is exciting, specially when it’s something you’ve dreamt of for a while. You’re ready to take the plunge.
Just one more question….

How long will it take? 
It’s one of the most common question I get asked.

In this blog post, I’ll be breaking it down so you can get a clear understanding of when your new jewelry is set to be shipped. 

So, how long does it take me to create your piece of jewelry?

The short answer is, on average, 4-12 weeks.
The long answer is, it depends…
 In all honesty, there are three parts to this question
  • Is it a jewelry piece bought directly from the website?
  • Is it a custom jewelry piece based on a LALOU design?
  • Is it a custom jewelry piece designed from scratch?
For jewelry pieces bought on the website, the lead time has already been predetermined. Generally speaking, it takes around 4 weeks for me to create  a jewelry piece for you. In some very exceptional cases, such as for the “Tatiana Eternity Ring”, it takes up to 12 weeks because the gemstones are custom cut abroad.
Now, for custom jewelry pieces, the answer depends on many factors.


How many people are involved

This is something I’ve noticed over the last year, the number of people involved in the production of the jewelry will impact the lead time of the project. It’s just a fact.
Dealing with one person will be quicker as there is only one person giving me feedback and making decisions. On the other hand, if there are more than one person, they’ll generate more ideas and opinions, which is great. However, it takes more time.
Tip: If you’re part of a duo wanting to get a custom jewelry made, try to have one person who will act as the contact and liaise with me through the process. Try to get the other person to agree with feedback and suggestions before sending them over to me. In the past, I’ve been sent feedback and information from two different members of the same family with dramatically different feedback and suggestions, which has delayed the jewelry process.


How long does it take for you to get back to me

You want your jewelry to be perfect (and I do too). This is why you might take your time in giving me feedback.
While I am working on the design (if applicable), I’ll be sending you some 3D images, inspiration photos, drawings and emails. I’ll ask you questions, and I might need you to give me some feedback so that we can move on to the next phase of the jewelry making process.

The time it takes you to give me me feedback can dramatically affect the lead time, and in some cases, it can halt the process entirely.
 In the past, I’ve had to wait weeks for someone to give me feedback on a design.
Tip: It’s important that you take some time before offering feedback on designs, sleep on it and take another look the next day. It’s surprising how much your opinions might change the next time you look. However, if it’s taking longer than a few days to hear back from you, this will delay the process.


Waiting for stuff from you 

Before even starting the project together, I’ll need these 4 necessary things from you to allow me to start your custom jewelry project.
 This includes (in no particular order):
  • A signed Sales Agreement
  • A scheduled Zoom meeting
  • An approved estimate for the custom jewelry
  • A deposit
I’ve had the experience in the past where I’ve had to wait weeks in between each of these steps. Meanwhile, the custom jewelry project was at standstill.
Tip: Try to be organized and proactive with these “tasks". The quicker you get this done, the quicker I can get started to keep the custom jewelry project on track.


Things change throughout the design process

The benefit of my process is that I take you along with me on the journey of creating your dream jewelry piece. So, you get to see your jewelry piece before it’s being produced. Nothing is done without your prior approval. That way you can have a look, give feedback and I’ll make amendments. 
Once you’re happy, I can go forward and produce your dream piece based on the design.

There are bound to be changes that you want to make, and that’s completely fine. Small tweaks here and there don’t impact the timeline.
However, If you agree on a design and later down the line things change dramatically, this will, for one, extend the process, and two, it will impact the final cost of the jewelry piece.
Tip: Before starting the custom jewelry process, make sure you know what you want.
This includes…
  • An overall idea
  • Gemstone shape and/or colour
  • The style
  • Your likes and dislikes

The more prepared you are, the better I will be equipped to create your dream jewelry piece.
Tip: Much like the previous point, it’s always best to take some extra time before giving feedback on the initial design. It’s important for me to include your whole vision in the early stages of the design to avoid adding more time to the design later on.

Gemstone sourcing and production

Sourcing gemstones can be one of the most time consuming part of creating a custom jewelry piece.
It always helps if you know what you want. 
Certain shapes, such as round, in certain sizes (usually smaller sizes), are more popular and are readily available at my supplier’s. Some shapes, like trillions, can be found at my supplier’s, but if a design needs matching ones of a specific size for an eternity ring for example, then these need to be ordered and custom cut abroad. This alone can take up to 8 weeks.

Of course, not all gemstones need to be ordered and custom cut. My supplier has a really wide range of beautiful gemstones that fit every taste and budget.
The timeline for gemstone sourcing really varies, but I do need you to be aware of possible longer lead times when gemstones are involved.


As you can see, the lead time for your custom jewelry design depends on many factors, and it can change greatly during the process.
There’s no “one answer” to how long it will take. It could take anywhere between 8 weeks and 12 weeks (or even more, if I am still waiting for things from you.)

At least now you have some handy tips to keep the timeline as short as possible so I can create your dream jewelry sooner.
Plus, I am always super excited about creating custom jewelry that carries my brand name, so it’s in my best interest to keep you on track!
Want to get started on your dream jewelry with me? Get in touch here or book a FREE consultation with me here.